Junkster Bags

Junkster Bags was created to provide an improved dumpster bag as an alternative to the overpriced options available for disposing of construction debris, house or office clean out materials, flood damaged goods, junk and whatever materials are generated during a home renovation project.

Let us do all the work and help you remove the junk! Our services include junk removal, junk hauling, trash removal, furniture removal, bulk item removal, estate clean outs, construction clean ups, yard waste removal, storm debris clean ups, garage demolition, appliance removal and much more. Visit Junkster Bags




VioClean is a Boston, Ma based company founded as a green carpet cleaning service in 2005.  Unlike the typical carpet cleaning service, VioClean offers a full range of services from testing to resolution and maintenance.  We help our clients who are seeking a path to a healthy living environment.  You can schedule any of our healthy cleaning services and or have your home tested for air quality.  We have an extensive network of environmental laboratories and consulting firms with both field and laboratory experience to assist our clients in the location of potential sources of indoor air quality problems associated with aerosols and bioaerosols such as mold, fiberglass fibers, and shedding of building components. Visit VioClean